DELTA Module 3 Online Tutorial Support Packages

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DELTA Module 3 Online Tutorial Support Packages

Delta Module Three is aimed at developing teachers’ awareness of the main types of syllabus and the methods for conducting needs analysis within different English language teaching specialisms. Candidates are introduced to research skills and the theory and techniques behind assignment planning and syllabus design. Candidates also look at assessment and its impact on syllabus content and teaching methodology. Delta Module Three is assessed via an extended written assignment.

International House Buenos Aires offers full preparation for writing your Delta Module Three assignment through our individual online tutorial support packages. Working through email and Skype or Facetime, course candidates and tutors meet online for each tutorial to discuss comprehensive written feedback provided for draft assignments and give advice about future planning of assignments at various stages of the writing process.

Tutorials are arranged according to the number needed and the times available to both tutors and candidates. Tutorials can be bought in packs from one to five tutorials, although five tutorials are recommended to ensure you keep on track throughout the assignment. The first tutorial takes place at the beginning of the writing process and focuses on the key issues behind your choice of specialism and helps you plan your needs analysis and diagnostic test. The second tutorial provides feedback on stage one of the writing process and helps you to plan stage two. The third tutorial provides feedback on stage two and helps you to plan stage three. The fourth tutorial looks back at stage three and ahead towards stage four. The final tutorial takes place once you have completed a first draft of the entire assignment, in order to provide you with comprehensive feedback and advice on what further work is necessary, ahead of submitting the assignment to Cambridge English by the deadline.

As an approved Delta Modules exam centre, IH Buenos Aires submits Delta Module Three assignments each June and December.

The enrolment deadline for Delta Module Three assignment submission is four weeks before Delta Module One exam day, which is always the first Wednesday in June and December. We must receive your enrolment fee before this date in order to be able to enrol you for Delta Module Three assignment submission.

Please contact, at least six weeks before the Delta Module One exam, stating your full name as you wish it to appear on your certificate, your sex and date of birth, whether or not you have taken a preparation course or submitted an assignment before, and we will send you payment details and information about submitting your assignment and plagiarism and statements of originality information.

We must receive your enrolment fee at least 24 hours before the enrolment deadline in order to enrol you.

Tutorial Support Package Fees:

  • Five tutorials USD395
  • Four tutorials USD320
  • Three tutorials USD245
  • Two tutorials USD170
  • One tutorial USD95

Delta Module 3 Cambridge English enrolment fee: USD245

For further information please contact us at


To apply for a tutorials package, please email, stating your wish for tutorials and outlining the context in which you are writing the assignment.  Please provide details of:

  • Your chosen specialism and details of the class the assignment is focusing on
  • Your preparation for Module Three to date
  • The session for which you are intending to submit
  • Your other qualifications at Delta level

Acceptance onto a Delta Module Three Tutorial Support Package assumes you have already attended a preparation course and so have the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to carry out the assignment successfully.  You also need to be teaching in a context relevant to your assignment, with access to real students.

Delta Module Three Tutorial Support Package Fees;

  • DELTA Module 3 Five tutorials USD395
  • DELTA Module 3 Four tutorials USD320
  • DELTA Module 3 Three tutorials USD245
  • DELTA Module 3 Two tutorials USD170
  • DELTA Module 3 One tutorial USD95

Delta Module 3 Cambridge English enrolment fee: USD245

For further information please contact us:

Full details of how to pay will be provided once you have been accepted for tutorials.

However, you should be aware of the following information:

To begin your tutorials you will need to pay first.

Payment may be made locally by cheque from an Argentine account, bank deposit or transfer; or by international wire transfer.

Cambridge English Enrolment fees are subject to change.

If you have further questions about the Delta Modules or our preparation courses, please also read our FAQs page.  If your question still remains unanswered, please don’t hesitate in emailing us at

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