Media and Culture

Post-Proficiency, Media and Culture at ih Belgrano

If you have a passion for English and are keen not to lose the exceptionally high level you’ve worked so hard to achieve, then the ih Belgrano Post-Proficiency, Media and Culture course is for you! The aim of this course is to provide high-level fluency practice and develop proficiency-level language and lexis without the pressure of an international exam to study for.  We’ll be using materials which include topical and cultural issues from around the world, podcasts, TV programmes, films, novels and short stories and what’s more you, the students, will have input into the materials, topics and areas you’d like to work on.  In effect, the course will be tailor-made to what interests you and your classmates and what the group wants and needs.

This course is ideal for proficiency students, teachers and translators.

Advanced Conversation at ih Belgrano

Are you at an Advanced level and feel like you want to brush up on your speaking skills without the pressure of tests or exams?

Conversation classes involve:

  • variety of speaking/discussion
  • activities based on a theme
  • special emphasis on speaking skills
  • vocabulary input
  • pronunciation focus
  • error correction

 For both courses all materials are provided by ih